What does American Made mean to you? Have your say and take our Poll!

Over the summer I was transfixed watching “Made In America” with Diane Sawyer on ABC World News.  After a decade in the consumer products licensing industry, where a significant percentage of the products manufactured in brand licensing is made outside of the United States, I thought to myself…well this is going to be intriguing. And it was. As the team went across the country and into homes to talk with average Americans about the products they owned – they explored and discovered how much was and was not made in the United States.  The conversation is exploding. Dwell Magazine’s October 2011 issue features 61 American Made products and designs you cannot live without. Bloomberg recently reported on a Made-in-America shift for luxury goods, with Columbia Journalism Review weighing in on The Audit. The September 2011 cover of MR (menswear business trade publication) reads loud and clear Made In The U.S.A – read Yes We Can.

American Made is the talk of the town, and here at american made magazine we believe this is bigger than harking backwards. We will visit manufacturing, innovation and the ideals of what it is to be American that has brought us to today. We will also engage in the exciting conversation of thinking forward in the making of a new America. What will American Made look like for generations to come?

Submit your comments, take our poll – you can select more than one item and also add your favorite American Made product/service in the “other” box…send leads and requests to guest post at our contact page.  Join in!